Artisan in approach and traditional in technique, Seito Sushi & New Japanese sources fresh local ingredients and rare exotic provisions to offer dishes that reflect the creativity of coastal Asian cuisine and the innovation of the modern culinary movement.

With two locations, one in Baldwin Park near Orlando’s Downtown district, and another on Sand Lake Road, along the city’s famed “Restaurant Row”, Seito Sushi & New Japanese has elevated Central Florida’s contemporary Asian offerings for more than 15 years. Daily menus showcase fresh sashimi and nigiri, signature rolls, seasonal Izakaya offerings, 24-hour Ramen broths, hand-pulled noodles, rustic Japanese dishes, Omakase experiences and approachable lunches. Our beverage program features rare sake and Japanese whisky, craft beer, an extensive wine list and full liquor bar. The food and drinks, presented elegantly in a chic urban setting by our knowledgeable staff, has distinguished Seito as a favorite among locals and tourists alike while earning numerous accolades including “Best Sushi” praise from Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Weekly and Orlando Magazine.

Austin Boyd

executive chef Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

Since joining Seito Sushi & New Japanese in 2014 as Executive Chef, Austin has introduced the first truly authentic Izakaya experience in Orlando. Austin, a classically trained French chef who attended Le Cordon Bleu, switched his culinary focus to rustic Japanese cuisine after completing an externship at Norman’s in the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. He credits the transition to being mesmerized by the “vast never ending universe of Asian cuisine” and being able to draw inspiration from “every corner of every Asian country.”

Austin bases his menus around the freshest seasonal ingredients and prepares each dish with the utmost skill and thoughtful technique. In addition to the daily Seito menus, his signature culinary creations can be enjoyed as Omakase experiences at the restaurant’s Chef’s Table, a beautiful ten chair table that Austin built himself.

Steve Conkel

General Manager Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

While earning his political science degree at University of Central Florida, Steve began his foray as a hospitality professional working in a variety of front of house positions at popular Central Florida restaurants including Doc’s and The Grille at Riverview. From day one, Steve recognized an innate passion for the dining experience, which inspired him to become well versed in the culinary arts.

In 2009, Steve began his tenure at Seito Sushi & New Japanese as a server and bartender. The following year, when the brand expanded to Baldwin Park, Steve was promoted to a management position.

Steve was immediately compelled by the close knit relationships among the restaurant’s owners and staff. He fondly reminisces about one of his fondest Seito memories, "It was one of my very first ‘Family Meals’ – Mr. Chin’s Bibimbap. He individually portioned the Korean comfort food for more than 15 employees that day while showing care for each ingredient and each employee."

Steve is married to The Osprey Tavern’s manager, Meghan Conkel.


Owner Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

Culinary background

Broke into the industry as "Dish Pit Head Honcho" at the original Seito in 2000. Cut teeth in any and every role since then with notable stints as “broken appliance rigger” and “master of hanging things on the walls.” Not afraid to mix it up with the Sushi Chefs from time-to-time either.

Favorite Seito memory

Meeting my future wife (Sue Chin) while doing a crappy job of looking cool while scrubbing pots and pans.

Celebrity chef crush

Stephanie Izard, genuine home girl style with mad skillz in the kitchen, that's hot.

What food/drink pairing is being served at your last meal and who is preparing it

My wife Sue's Korean Spicy Chicken Stew (Dak Dori Tang) or my dad's Spicy Squid Stir Fry washed down with the coldest, cheapest Soju you can find.


Co-owner/Head Designer at Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

Culinary background

Worked at the original Seito in Winter Park, where I met Jason and the Chin family. Interior designer, food stylist and taste taster at Seito Baldwin Park and The Osprey Tavern.

Favorite Seito dish or memory of all time

Favorite dish is the Modern Chirash. Favorite memory is Mr. Chin (Jason's father) making Bibimbop or spicy squid stir-fry on a rainy slow day for all of his 30+ employees.

Celebrity chef crush

Eric Ripert, I want Jason to look like him when he gets older! Ina Garten, I could listen to her all day long.

What food/drink pairing is being served at your last meal and who is preparing it

Jason's spicy seafood noodle soup with Soju. It's a traditional Korean dish called Jjamppong.

Seng Inthisack

executive chef Seito Sushi Sand Lake

A mainstay on the Orlando sushi scene for more than 15 years, Chef Seng Inthisack heads the kitchen at Seito Sand Lake. Seng has earned a reputation as being one of the best at what he does by experimenting with multicultural flavor profiles while staying true to the fundamentals of sushi making.

Prior to arriving in Orlando, Seng lived in Chicago where he studied world cuisine at the Art Institute of Chicago. Learning the artistic side of the trade instilled a love for sushi in Seng. In addition to the windy city, he has also lived in Laos and Thailand, with each place leaving a lasting influence on his cooking style.

Seng also credits his upbringing for his love of all things culinary. He fondly remembers watching his father cook a traditional Laotian stew called “Aw Lahm” as a kid, which influenced him greatly because of the great complexity of the dish.

When not in the kitchen at Seito, Seng enjoys spending time with his daughters, working on his car and, of course, cooking. Each Sunday Seng prepares Pho for his family and friends; a dish that begins with his signature broth, which he starts cooking Saturday night after work.

Pedro Amorim

General Manager Seito Sushi Sand Lake

Pedro Amorim, Seito Sand Lake’s general manager, left his hometown of Rio De Janeiro and a career in engineering to pursue a passion for hospitality in the United States.

The Brazilian began as a busboy in Branson, MO., at Chateau on the Lake, the flagship resort of John Q. Hammons hotels. Pedro adapted quickly to the resort, working his way to manager at the restaurant.

Several years later, and after launching Level Two Steakhouse in Branson, Pedro moved to Florida to accept a position with Hilton Orlando. Pedro once again excelled, earning the prestigious “CEO Light & Warm” hospitality award at Hilton Orlando.

While working at corporate resorts and hotels, Pedro developed an interest in independently owned businesses, which led him to Seito. At Seito, people often ask “Who’s the guy in the hat?” referring to Pedro. But, it’s his strong belief in genuine hospitality and letting each person be themselves the leaves a lasting impression with guests and co-workers alike.


Owner Seito Sushi Sand Lake

Culinary background

Keeping my brother (Seito Baldwin Park owner, Jason Chin) fed and alive after school and on weekends - latchkey kid style. Obsessive cookbook hoarder.

Favorite Seito dish or memory of all time

Nigiri Selection - I like to enjoy the pure and unadulterated flavor of each fish.

Celebrity chef crush

Eric Ripert – The deadly combination of silver fox with a French accent who can verbally assault Anthony Bourdain and win.

What food/drink pairing is being served at your last meal and who is preparing it

An old grandma who doesn't speak English with mad dim sum skillz will make me endless amounts Xio Long Bao. I’ll wash it down with some bubbly. This is high-class stuff!


Owner Seito Sushi Sand Lake

Culinary background

Campground fish fry enthusiast. Anti casserole and/or crock pottery. Crunchy peanut butter poster child.

Favorite Seito dish or memory of all time

lkura and Salmon Nigiri makes me feel like the Nordic Viking that I am.

Celebrity chef crush

Alton Brown - nerd power will rule the planet

What food/drink pairing is being served at your last meal and who is preparing it

Alaskan King Crab pulled straight out of Dutch Harbor. Prepared by the "Two Fat Ladies" from the BBC. And a martini from my girls on "AbFab".